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This is one of the quickest ways to improve your score and find more joy on the golf course.
Once we check off these 3 items on your fitting checklist, you’ll be hitting better iron shots and finding more greens.
In just 20 hours, you could be shooting lower scores and having more fun on the course.
Playing with the latest iron technology is only the first step to better approach shots. There are other important steps we need to take.
Being better around the green will help you shoot lower scores, but enjoying the entire hole is just as important.
Once we find the answer to this important question, your playing experience will be transformed.
The world is more than ever about the people and the games we love. What will help deepen your love?
Golf can connect generations and keep families strong.
Fairways, friends, and fresh air. That’s a better life. That’s real wealth.
Golf keeps the connections alive.
If health is the new wealth, golf is your pathway to riches.
Being able to properly ‘separate’ your upper body and hips during your golf swing helps you hit longer shots.
Impress your playing partners, have more fun around the greens, and lower your score.
We’re here to help you stay on track and reach new levels of enjoyment and scoring.
Once we know the answer to these questions, you’ll have the perfect distance package.
Finding the fairway from the tee box is about fine margins at impact with your driver.
A more fulfilling and satisfying golf experience doesn’t have to be confined to your dreams; let’s make it a reality.
We can use two specific phases of each hole to benchmark your game, lower your score, and improve your experience.
When your kinetic chain is strong, your energy transfer is better, and your swing is more powerful and consistent.
Backspin generates lift for your golf ball, but how much is too much for you? 
Which of these two golfers do you think drives the ball longer and more accurately?
There are many stairways to golf heaven, and we can help you find yours.
Here’s how we’re going to help you achieve your goals and play better golf.
Increasing your pelvic mobility can help you hit a higher smash factor more consistently.

Making the most of this lockdown

Lockdown isn’t what anyone wants especially being stuck inside. However, it is still a time when you can improve your golf.

Read our newsletter here: See more
It is possible to drive the ball further without increasing your swing speed.
This small driver improvement could help you take a shorter club on your approach.
What part of your game would give you the most joy if you improved it?
Golf should be a source of joy, not misery. You can play the golf you dream of, and we can help you get there.
Looking for a 250 yard+ tee shot with an average swing speed? Launching it higher will help. But how much higher?
This fitting component could be the foundation for making your golfing New Year resolutions a reality.
You create a financial retirement plan for a reason. But, what’s the point if you don’t get outside the spreadsheet? We can help.
Breaking 90 means loving your wedges and mastering four particular shots.
Here’s a fun way to improve your stroke play from tricky lies.
Your putter should be your magic wand. There’s one more club that needs the magic dust.
If you’ve spent many years playing recreational, social golf, shooting in the low 90s, then how good could you be?
Where should your priority be when you think about ‘distance gapping’?
We want to help you hit more good shots. You’ll enjoy the feeling of solid contact more often.
In fact, we would rather you went a little slower and tried to emulate the LPGA Tour. Your experience would be so much better.
Too many people are working from home and failing to disconnect digitally, to really connect with friends. Help them discover the disconnection and the connections golf offers.
Par 18 is a great game to play with friends, and it will definitely sharpen you up.
If you want a golf swing that has you looking good and threatening 80, then
If you want to break 90, then that’s the prize. Do not be diverted.
We’re going to help you play those tricky winter lies.
What if we could add 41 extra yards to your tee shot without you swinging the slightest bit harder?
We keep reading that the fairway wood is dead, but it's not even a relevant debate.
If you think that over a 1,000 variations of any single golf club is a lot; how many variations of a golfer are there?
We have had a tough, stressful last 12 months. You must make sure that you have balance in your life and in your relationships. Make fun “we” moments.
You know that on every round, you ought to create two additional scorecards?
We allow the wrong swing thoughts on the tee. If you want to break 90, think again.
Golf is a game of technique and timing. We’re looking for ladies who want to have a game that gets them lower than 85 most days.
Playing from sloped lies is always awkward, but it doesn’t have to mean dropping shots.
Hybrids emerged at another time when a #5 iron wasn’t a #3 iron in disguise.
We can all see the impact of age on tee shot performance. It can be dramatic. Yet Hale Irwin’s statistics are startling. Why?
Hitting at a small target from a distance is already difficult enough. It could be easier with no effort.
If you’re shooting low 90s / high 80s, then it's time to get below 85 most times, and even threaten 80. Interested?
If you want to break 90, then how are you approaching each hole? Here are some thoughts.
In one of the most important parts of the game, most golfers place themselves at a disadvantage.
Don’t get stuck in the mud this winter.
Do you think or believe that you’re worth it?
Several studies around the world by different organizations have produced some startling tee-shot performance data.
Why do they mislead us? Why not have a ‘truth’?
More than ever this year, if you play golf, you know what a real gift golf is to you. In fact, is there a better gift to give your partner?

Who would've thought you could fix this major issue from home?

Over half of golfers will miss the target usually to the right (left for left-handers). The inconsistent fade, or wild slice, causes too many golfers too much frustration.

Read more here: See more
A happy image that disguises frustration caused by a simple equipment error.
It’s not just the loft and centre of gravity that impact your launch angle.
One factor has the largest impact on your ability to sink putts in the 8 to 10-foot range.
Four models of a driver can all create different launch angles.
Why is there such a big gap between the number of flat 10-foot putts a Tour Pro sinks and the number a regular golfer sinks?
The laws of physics demand that we make sure the launch angle and spin rate of your golf ball maximise the return from your ball speed.
Here’s a putting skills test you should challenge yourself with on a regular basis.
There is nowhere that your DNA is more apparent than on the tee box.
There’s a very good reason for the strange looking poses in yoga.
The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself.
Morning work commutes can now be replaced with an hour in the fresh air improving your golf and having fun.
One manufacturer’s ‘stiff flex’ shaft is another manufacturer’s ‘regular flex’ shaft. So how do you know which is right for you?
Here’s a way you can increase oxygen and blood flow to your muscles, for a stronger, more consistent golf swing.
How many sports enable grandparents to play with their children AND grandchildren?
Your golf no longer needs to be confined to your weekend.
Knowing your dispersion patterns frees you up to approach a daunting hole with more confidence.
When you know your dispersion patterns, it becomes so much easier to navigate a new golf course.
Even when lofts are equal, CoG has a big impact on the type of ball flight you’re getting.
For golfers looking to take their game up a level, muscle strength endurance is key.
The positive benefits of golf apply to everyone, regardless of gender, age or ability.
Fill the gaps in your schedule with joy and better golf at one of our practice clubs.
Knowing your dispersion pattern will help you negotiate the course a lot more successfully.
With so many iron loft options now available, you need some direction before making a selection.
Mobility is the most important fitness component for golfers, and this form of exercise helps you to improve it.
If you’ve recovered time by working from home, our practice clubs are the perfect fillers.
What does it mean to be ‘a golfer’?
Understanding your dispersion pattern can have an immediate impact on your club selection and aim.
There are big iron loft differences between manufacturers. That has implications for your game.
The shift to competition is a make-or-break phase of a junior golfer’s journey. Parents have a massive role to play here.
The practice green is one of the most important areas for children starting golf.
Keeping children unhindered by rules and systems frees them up to enjoy golf more.
The way children are introduced to the game impacts whether they become golfers or not.
Your hip flexors help you tilt and rotate your hips during the golf swing but they don’t like extended periods of sitting.
Golf is the perfect counterbalance to the pressures of modern life.
Golf is a game for all of us to enjoy, for life.
Staying active is good for your body as well as your golf swing.
This fun challenge is a great way to improve your wedge play skills.
Don’t underestimate the importance of teeing up properly on par 3’s.
From physical and emotional well being, to connecting with family and friends; golf has so much to offer your child.
Golf has so much to offer. Everyone can benefit.
The 50-foot Challenge is a great way to see if your putting stroke and your putter are working together well.
Hitting good wedge shots without making perfect contact is possible. But there’s a catch.
Work often replaces golf, but it doesn’t have to be one or the other.
The most important thing is what golf means to your child. Let them have the relationship they want with golf.
Seeing all par 3s as scoring opportunities is a risky game to play.
Too much putting loft makes consistently getting the ball to the hole more difficult than it should be.
Many golfers get tense around the greens, but it doesn’t have to be this way.
For your children, it’s about so much more than learning golf; it’s about healthy physical and social development.
Moment to moment. Accomplishment to accomplishment. Golf is a special journey.
Many golfers get tense around the greens, but it doesn’t have to be this way.
Are you making half of your round more difficult than it should be?
You might have too little dynamic loft in your putting stroke.
Golf shouldn’t be excluded from the health and fitness boom.
As the parent of a junior golfer, you have a very important role to play.
Heard of “scapulohumeral rhythm”? It helps you make a full shoulder rotation and swing on plane.
Getting your children into golf while they’re young makes skills development a lot smoother. But that’s not all.
Golf courses are places where joy is shared and relationships are built.
Flag hunting on par 3s is a limited approach that creates unnecessary risk.
The total number of shots during your round isn’t the only score you should be keeping track of.
You want to be able to play every type of wedge shot with full control.
Golf brings people together in our disconnected times.
A pie with FUN at its core. And it’s perfect for children.
With a few good habits you can improve your movement and flexibility, and free your golf swing.
From good physical health, to a vibrant social life and stronger relationships. Golf has all this to offer, and more.
Three generations connected by golf. What an incredible opportunity!
Knowing these five distances will improve your chances of hitting the green on par 3’s.
Next time you play 18 holes, try out this benchmark challenge to see where your short game is.
So much about playing better golf and having more fun depends on this zone.
It’s not spoken about enough, but putter loft massively affects your distance control and accuracy on the greens.
It’s not spoken about enough, but putter loft massively affects your distance control and accuracy on the greens.
Golf offers children positive experiences and connections for life.
There are certain aspects of your club setup that can be easily changed to improve your golf.
Craftsmanship, beauty, options, in the best wedges on tour, but it’s the new design feature that makes accuracy easier to achieve that will excite our golfers.
Check out these stretches and exercises to help you reduce the distance dip that comes with age.
Golf offers your child the fun of gaming with the added benefits of exercise and fresh air.
We can use video to help you reduce or even eliminate the inconsistent fade.
Now is the time to make an impact on your scorecard. If we could add distance to your tee shots and put you in the fairway a few more times, how low could you go?
Fresh grooves make a significant difference to control around the green. So what if your grooves could last longer?
Is your putter’s lie angle creating poor contact and unpredictable roll?
Smash Factor, a measure of energy transfer, is a big part of how far you hit the ball.
As we age, we can lose the ability to make this rotational separation, but here’s a great exercise to help you out.
Using video to coach you from home so you can sink those flat 5-footers on course, everytime.
Golf gives families an opportunity like few other sports.
For most of us, the pleasures of hitting a good tee shot aren’t measured just in yards. There are more important measures.
The Vokey SM8 wedges have a unique feature of their design that makes it easier to hit accurate wedge shots.
These two things that have a massive impact on your distance.
We can use video to sharpen your short game.
Muscles stiffen with age, reducing your rotational capacity. Here’s a great stretch to help keep you limber.
This is where golf becomes more than just a game.
If everything goes right, then there’s the chance of a glory putt, but there’s a lot of important shots before that.
You put a lot into your short-game. You want a lot from your scoring clubs. Keep grinding with the Vokey SM8 wedges.
What clubhead speed has to do with it.
Let’s use video of your swing to add 10 yards to your driving distance.
An important stretch for rotation.
The golf course is a safe and fun testing ground for children.
We’re not sure why we hang on to some old truths when the new truth is so clear.
You buy new wedges because you want more control and more accuracy.
The trio of impact factors that help you go the full distance.
A stronger core gives you more distance on course and better movement off it.
Make it easier to repeat your best swing.

Start your child on a lifelong journey with golf

Junior golfers between the ages of 6 and 12 are learning the basics of the swing. But they wouldn’t be able to do that without learning the ABCs of movement – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed ... See more
For so long the improvements in technology have been aimed at the game improvement golfer. Now the better golfer wins.
Generate more power without risking injury.

How to keep your golf game sharp

See my latest tip:
However much great technology you’re about to buy, have you invested in what’s needed to translate that into more putts that drop.
Generate more power with less effort.
Add more value to your practice by choosing a skill to make the primary focus of your range session.

Practise from home like your PGA Pro, Ian Lee

I've posted a few drills you can try at home on my YouTube channel at Ian Lee Golf Academy and you will find them on my website at It is not the same as walking on our beautiful ... See more
Getting your children into the game early could be the greatest gift you give them.
The right setup will help you experience more magical moments on the course.
A good way to prepare yourself for the variety of challenges during a round.
Get yourself into better positions on the golf course.
You don’t have to limit yourself to #7 iron or less.
Shoulder mobility helps you swing on plane and reduce elbow strain.
When junior golfers move into a more competitive phase of their development, correct practice becomes essential.
Shooting in the 80’s? OK, it’s been a crazy start to the year, but we have a plan you’re going to want to hear,
This is where the lie angle becomes especially important.
Technology makes it so much easier to land on the distance mark, but doesn’t always help with the target. There’s an easy fix.
An exercise that can help improve your ball striking.
Playing a second sport that complements golf can help juniors improve their golf performance.
Where you make impact with the golf ball has a massive impact on distance and ball flight consistency.
Hip rotation is fundamental to the golf swing. Here’s how you can improve yours.
Playing a second sport that complements golf can help juniors improve their golf performance.
Here’s why getting better at scrambling is especially important for amateurs.
Sometimes it’s not your swing that’s causing your slice.
Correcting your lie angle will make it easier to hit straighter shots more consistently.

You can work on your game from home

If you're following Haigh Hall Golf Complex on Facebook, you would have seen my first two videos on how to fix your slice. If you haven't please watch them. The drill is easy to set up at home and ... See more
In times like these, golf can be your solace.
More can actually mean more often. If that’s perfection, that’s a good thing
A stronger foundation for a better golf swing.
The more sports a child has played, the better off they’ll be when learning golf.
A more balanced golf swing and less lower back pain.
It might be a lot of effort to be an elite level golfer. But it doesn’t take very much at all to master a skill.
New grips can help increase your clubhead speed and improve your consistency.
A single degree of lie angle can be the difference between a birdie opportunity and a pressure par putt.

Fix Your Slice

With most of us now staying at home perhaps now is the opportunity to address any longstanding faults you may have. So for you slicers, here is a great drill you can do and finally fix your ... See more
If a slow or slowing swing speed means your approach shots need longer clubs, it’s time to take a lighter touch. PING can help.

At Home Putting Drill

Why do Tour Putters put better than you?
Without question all really good putters strike the ball solid every time and "roll" the ball well. But they do 3 key things better

1. They start ...
See more
Playing outside is important for children, in general, but it is especially so when learning golf.
A golf course is more than just 18 tees and greens.
Play your best for longer.
Knowing the answer to this will save you shots, and shocks.
Add more value to your practice by choosing a skill to make the primary focus of your range session.
Get active during downtime to improve your distance when you return.
Do you want 40 yards of better feelings?

The best thing about golf is something that can be even greater.
New grips not only feel great in your hands, they also help you play better golf.
Get your lie angle right, and you’re better positioned to enjoy your entire iron set.
Ping G710 irons come with multiple ways to help you play a better golf game. Great job.
Being comfortable hitting any iron makes the game more enjoyable.
Forgiving irons are even more of an advantage when your lie angle is correct.
This should result in the dream sound, time after time, after time. Technology with a little adjustment is required.
Confidence over short putts adds confidence to your whole game.
Fast iron faces become even faster when you’re square at impact.
How improving your angle of attack can give you a shorter approach.
But there’s another weight in your setup that’s just as important.
What aspect of your game could you improve?
How to get the most out of modern iron technology.
In a fast-paced, frantic, friends-on-facebook world there’s a slower and better social network.
Get your shaft weight right and timing could come easier.
There’s yet another reason to come and play-9 with us.
There’s something more important to distance than clubhead speed.
Play-9 with us and a whole new world opens up.
A shorter shaft could make it easier for you to square the clubhead.
We’re here to nurture the greatest love affair you’ll ever experience.
A fitting decision that could transform your tee shots.
Most golfers have some very simple to fix bad habits that have little to do with technique.
Face angle at impact is 85% of golf ball direction. So how do we make it easier for you? What tricks do we have?
There is a real joy to discovering better results. It’s even more important than the scorecard.
It’s a simple objective that we make horribly complicated.
Forget your experience. For too many that kills hope.
Golf balls don’t have a mind of their own, but they are programmed differently.
How much do you crave something? How brightly does your flame of desire burn?
It might react quickly, but it doesn’t think for itself.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing yo a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2020 is the year to take your game to the next level!

My very Best Wishes


Experience more green side thrills by adding spin and control to your short game.

Christmas Gift Vouchers for Better Golf!

I know that a golfer shooting lower scores, hitting the ball further, fixing that slice, better short game, holing more putts, is a happier golfer and an ideal Christmas present is giving or ... See more
When you arrive at a golf club rank 1, 2, and 3 what’s most important to you
Are your shafts the right length for you?
The right lie angle makes it a lot easier to hit accurate shots more often.
Everyone is different and everyone balances the different reasons to play the game. How do you balance them?
The right driver shaft weight adds distance and accuracy to your tee shots.
There is a way to gain confidence, add certainty, and make more magic on the course.
How would you like to look like a good golfer? How would you like to play better golf?
Golf is random enough at times, so here’s a reminder of how to add certainty.
Here is a great video from Golf Monthly on how and why launch monitors can improve your game....

8 Ways A Launch Monitor Can Help Your Game

1. Learn How Far You Hit Your ...
See more
Most golfers struggle with consistent and accurate ball striking because the wrong body part controls their swing.
Do not settle for the occasional moment of magic. Make more magic.
Most golfers struggle with consistent and accurate ball striking because the wrong body part controls their swing.
You’re doing so much more than buying a new set of irons. How much better is it standing over the ball with confidence?
That’s a great rule that every golfer should follow.
There are many aspects to a Fitting for better approach shots. Distance and accuracy are obvious. Stopping power is another.
Is there such a thing as a one-club wind, especially when you don’t know if you’re coming or going?
We fit you to make it easier to make square contact. But when you don’t we can still help.
As if the lie you’ve got, and challenge of every target you have, isn’t random enough, then we add the wind.
Club makers believe that most golfers experience a breakdown in consistency at 37 inches.

The Greatest Golfer America never knew?

Now most of you will never have heard of Neil Coles but he dominated European Golf in the 60's and 70's, played 8 Ryder Cups and has won tour events on the main and Seniors Tour over 6 decades, a ... See more
How do you prepare for the decisions you have to make out on the course where the world is so very random.
First, start with the result you want. If its more magical moments, we have the answer.
If you know someone who you’d like to introduce to golf, then we need your help
For those with faster swing speeds, the smallest adjustment to the way you impact the golf ball makes a really big difference.
Learning golf needs to be ‘play’. That is the best way to learn.
For those with faster swing speeds, the smallest adjustment to the way you impact the golf ball makes a really big difference.
Want to see a child’s confidence grow. Watch them to learn a new skill.
While we’re all looking at new Drivers to add distance, a small adjustment in how you use your current Driver helps you go ‘huge’.
Introducing golf to children, even teenagers, isn’t about creating tour superstars. It’s more important than that.
Most golfers are unaware of just how much too much or too little spin is robbing them of distance.
There’s compelling evidence that improving your putting and short game creates the quickest results on your scorecard.

I'm looking for 4 golfers who want to be coached like my elite players

Personalised Performance Program - Start Here!
If you are serious about improving your game this winter and want be coached like my elite players on a Personalised Performance Program then this ...
See more
Too many golfers think that a fitting is for the very best players.
Here’s research that highlights just how important golf is as an active lifestyle.
Parents need to make sure their children are living an active lifestyle. There’s nothing better than golf.
This is a staggering fact and one we ought to be very committed to changing.
Golf is the greatest game for families that has ever been invented.
But some yards!
Computer Game addiction used to a faraway place sort of problem. Ask any parent who’s child has discovered the Fortnite game, how close to home the problem is now.
How does a 2mm change in a Driver CG change 5 to 8?
How else does a 16-year old girl process 1,700 social messages a day on average?
It sounds dramatic, but its true. However, most of you miss out.
We need to find a way to add balance to our children’s lives.
Golf should be one of the activities a child participates in to live a longer and better life.
You don’t have to be a physics expert, but the location of your Driver’s center of gravity matters a lot to you.
Any journey is better with friends. And as we said: “better is great”.
Knowing exactly how far you hit each wedge with a short, medium and full swing is vital if you want to become an accurate wedge player.
If you want to improve then connect with why you want to improve.
Knowing exactly how far you hit each wedge with a short, medium and full swing is vital if you want to become an accurate wedge player.
Forget what you see on TV, just being better is great
Do you lack confidence controlling distance with your pitch shots?
We want to inspire you to take a journey. As many of you as possible.
If you can control your distance, you create more
This is the greatest game on the planet. Every shot that feels right is a beautiful experience. Let’s create more of them and the game gets even better.
We’re the genetic engineers you’ve been looking for. No performance enhancing drugs. Just changes to a DNA.
We want to make you a master of the knock down wedge shot.
The biggest group of our golfers should be using every advantage there is to make ball striking easier.
We just love blowing away myths so that our golfers have a better golf game.
If your handicap is between 10 and about 15 to 18, then use technology to change your magic number.
Why would we approach a wedge shot in a different way to the best players?
Sometimes you wish you had one, at other times you’d prefer the other. So have them both.
If we asked you to throw a ball into this bucket there would be an obvious approach. What clues does that give us?
The very best ball strikers playing for money take advantage of anything that helps consistency. Should you?
And everything in between.
More golf is played from 100 yards in, than on the rest of the course. So how do you stand on two important questions?
We’ve changed some advice offered by one of the world’s most famous mental game coaches.
You probably have between 12 and 16 opportunities in every round to turn this into a moment of magic.
Often there’s a single change that delivers the broadest smile.
Your fairway wood could be worth its weight in gold. Is it?
Why would you want to improve your golf swing; improve your consistency?
Driver designers are now competing with “speed”, but what do you need?
The manufacturers have made Par 3’s easier. It’s your turn to take advantage of that improvement.
We hear a lot of chat about shaft flex (and even profile) but there’s something else, possibly even more important.
Are you making it more difficult to hit good iron shots on Par 3’s?
Anyone who thinks any aspect of fitting is only for the best golfers, has been busted again.
Don’t believe what you see in online fitting tools. There’s no match of swing speed to shaft flex and here’s the proof.
There are myths and misunderstanding we need to clear up.
How could you improve your scores on the Par 3’s?
Just three small steps to take to save 5 shots (possibly more) every round.
You don’t have to be the lonely, long-distance runner to succeed.
If just 1 inch in putter length and 2° correction on face angle turns you into a wizard on the greens, wouldn’t you be interested?
How you decide to practice can accelerate your improvement and have unexpected benefits.
On Tour they get into a great position to sink putts time after time. But their putter length is set to make that a comfortable setup. Off-the-shelf putters are not.
Decide to acquire a new skill or master a new shot. Please do. Along the way, “mix it up”.
From 6 feet, if your putter face angle is just 2° open, then you miss.
That’s the answer to the question “how good could you be?”. And according to one scientist with less effort than expected.
Whatever the wind conditions, most Professionals prefer to arrow wedge shots in on a lower trajectory than you’d think.
There’s an excellent reason to come along with your driver and let us change your game.
There’s a technique to hitting shots into the wind that ought to provide clues to more consistency on every shot.
Speed matters, but it’s easy to increase.
Struggling in the wind. Remember:
‘when it’s breezy, swing easy’.
There’s a little more to it.
The difference in swing speed between regular Tour Professionals and most amateurs isn’t much, but the tee shot distance difference is greater than it should be.
The harder you swing, the more spin you’ll impart on the golf ball. With some clubs, especially in some conditions, that’s the last thing you want.
Some traditionalists want to hang on to the past. Well, we like some of the improvements.

Make someone a Happier Golfer this Christmas!

I know that a golfer shooting lower scores is a happier golf and an ideal Christmas present is giving or receiving this. You can purchase a golf lesson gift from just £30. This can be used on any ... See more
In the last three weeks, we’ve asked questions about what you most want out of your golf.
There’s another design feature to your driver face you should be exploiting. At the moment it might be hurting you.
Which is your favorite format, and which would you rather not play?
There’s another design feature to your driver face you should be exploiting. At the moment it might be hurting you.
You’re driving to the club to play golf. What most inspires you about your golf today?
Where on the face of your driver, can you unlock the “vertical gear effect” for longer distance?
Where on the face of your driver, do you strike the ball? Could the “vertical gear effect” be costing you big time?
We’re interested in where you rank on a scale from 1 (where golf is a recreational and social past-time) to 5 (it’s all about competitive sport).
Becoming better isn’t about a lonely journey. Actually, it offers the opportunity for more friendships.
During the first three weeks, we have discussed the importance of the correct loft at impact and how crucial it is to fit a putter to match your technique.
Golf has many advantages. It’s a truly great game, with so many benefits. But some things are special.
Matching the loft of your putter to your technique is critical in becoming a consistent putter and therefore seeing more putts drop.

Is he the next Superstar!

This week I have been at the PGA Tour event in Mexico. I followed Cameron Champ on the 2nd day and watched the “easiest” 62. He hits it miles averaging nearly 340yds off the tee. We’ll never get ... See more
Does the handicap system act as a motivation to improve or settle for what you have?
It is crucial to have loft at impact to lift the ball out of the depression its found in at address.
So, which improvement motivation came out #1 in our survey of golfers?
Find a putter that best suits your technique and the conditions of the courses you play.
If you want to hit higher spinning wedge shots, we’ve learned a lot from launch monitor data.
Do you know what spin loft is? If you want to hit higher spinning wedge shots, you need to know.
Faced with a 50m shot too many golfers think the way to hit it closer is to use a higher ball flight with a higher lofted wedge. Is it?
If you want to hit lower trajectory, high spinning wedge shots, then get some basics right first.
Bunkers don’t have to be thought of as a ‘hazard’.
Fit your driver for your launch DNA and not only will you get more performance, it will be your friend for much longer.
Learning how to use your bounce will make you much more consistent, and eliminate fat shots.
Sometimes changing your trajectory reduces the danger from the tee.
Making time for bounce could save you a lot of hours.
The new Titleist TS Fairway metals will be game-changers for many of our golfers.
TS is Titleist Speed. The total redesign of a driver to deliver speed that matters to you.
From the tee box, speed matters. With leading manufacturing, you can make speed an absolute priority.
Of your personal launch DNA requires us to reduce your spin rate, then there’s a good chance that along with more distance, you’ll be straighter too.
You might know about bounce, but can you use it?
When you read magazines they have to make assumptions about who you are. We don’t.
We’re interested in your own Launch DNA.
Actually you’re one in several thousand. And it should matter to you.
We want to improve your golf experience out on the golf course. We know how to do that.
If your #1 priority when playing golf is “fun with friends”, then without a doubt, this is the best format to play.
Someone would sue us as the cause of an accident if we asked you to try driving home with your car seat set incorrectly for your physical dimensions.
If you’re not at an elite level, then the best way to improve your golf is out on the course.
Standard shaft length? Standard shaft flex measure? No and no.
Holiday over? Back at work? Don’t let the winter come too quickly.
We want to help more of our golfers hit more accurate approach shots more consistently.
“Short-siding” yourself around the green doesn’t have to be as big a challenge as our equipment sometimes makes it.
You don’t have to play “down” to your children’s level (or up to them in some cases). Play a format that offers both of you a challenge.

Personalised Performance Short Game Programme - Start Here!

If you are serious about improving your short game and want be coached like my elite players on a Personalised Performance Program then this could be perfect for you.....if you are an elite player or ... See more
Do you know that Grind design is very important if you want to make greenside shots easier?
Of course it is. There are so many different formats. Some may make the experience much more enjoyable for the learner.
The right Grind can make a big impact on your Wedge shot-making performance.
We don’t play holes as long as these golfers do. So don’t try and copy them. Play formats that make allowances for your skill level.
Do different Grinds on your wedges make a difference?
Outside of competition, the focus on golf should be enjoying the friendships and the playing experience.
If you’ve spent many years playing recreational, social golf, shooting low 90’s, then how good could you be?
If you want a golf swing that has you looking good and threatening 80, then
Golf is a game of technique and timing. We’re looking for ladies who want to have a game that gets them lower than 85 most days.
When we chat to golfers, they often tell us they’ve selected the golf ball that gives them the most greenside control. But have they?
If you’re shooting low 90’s / high 80’s, then it’s time to get below 85 most times, and even threaten 80. Interested?
Every golf ball has different characteristics so, even if you’re shopping for the lower priced golf balls, buy one that’s an investment in your swing.
Your distance potential is determined to large extent by your clubhead speed and I want to make sure you’re not losing out.
Increase the number of good shots you hit quite easily if you looked for the easy, big wins open to most golfers.
Why not have me create a detailed assessment of your top-of -the-bag distances and consistency. You’ll remove the big numbers.

The quickest route to improvement

Assessment. Easy wins. Practice drills. Practice with purpose. Better golf.
Don’t carry club designs that you don’t have confidence in.
Practice is a time to improve your knowledge of how the golf ball flies, carries and lands.
It’s time to respond to course designers who think they can exploit your vulnerability.
You don’t hit 50 consecutive #7 irons on the course. So why practise that?
What Par-3 distance leaves you looking at your bag thinking, “I don’t have a solution”? What happened to the higher lofted Fairway Woods?
You haven’t got 10,000 hours to practise, so how do you make the most of the time you do have?
Increasingly, manufacturers are more innovative when designing shafts. These innovations can make accurate and consistent mid and longer Iron shots easier to achieve.
A more direct call to action for golfers to think more when choosing how to play a hole. A clearer explanation that an ‘accompanied round’ with the Pro would help.
One of our recent challenges has been the sheer scale of improvement that technology offers our golfers.
Course management is important on Par 3’s. Maybe let me help you on the golf course and watch you play?
Now we want the golfer to think about their consistency with their Irons. Are they planning for perfection?

Are you using the right wedges for your game?

Let me take you through the same process Bob Vokey did with me. Click on the photo to learn more and then let me help you with what Bob showed me
We want to get under 13 juniors to experience and sample golf. It’s great for their movement and balance skills, and it’s social.
If you want to hit approach shots closer, then this statistic should interest you.
We try to focus the golfer on their performance on Par 3’s. is it good enough? Can they improve?

Personalised Performance Program - Start Here!

If you are serious about improving your game and want be coached like my elite players on a Personalised Performance Program then this could be perfect for you.....
Want to fix that terrible ...
See more
We’re teaching children FUNdamentals. Yes, they’re learning how to hit the ball, play the game, even compete. Yes, they’re making lots of friends. But above all, it’s got to offer the real ... See more
Over the last 3 weeks, we’ve been trying to persuade you to follow the link and answer three very simple questions.
When we’re working with children and juniors, we’re not trying to find the one exceptional golfer. We’re trying to make sure every child and young person has a very positive, enabling experience.
You’re playing an approach shot into the green. You’ve got a target.
We want golf to be a fun, enjoyable experience for your child. We need your help in that objective. Your role is critical.
Everyone has at least one hole that spoils the card or round too often.
It’s just an Iron, from a set. This one’s a #7 Iron.
The Titleist AP3 looks like a “player’s club”. However, if you’re a good ball striker who would like to see a higher ball flight with some added distance, then what’s on the inside of these clubs is ... See more
Have we inspired those of you shooting above 90, to target 89 or less on most every occasion this year?
Better ball strikers want a pure look and feel in their Irons.
If you’re shooting above 89 on most visits to the golf course, then now is the time to make a leap.
We’re challenging all golfers who shoot in the 90’s or even above, to start a journey to better golf. To target a score in the 80’s every time.
Are you a regular golfer looking for more consistency in your ball striking on approach shots?
If you’re a golfer that’s shooting above 90 most times then it’s time to set yourself a challenge.
With all the new and exciting releases of golf equipment, it’s likely that many of you will be looking at buying a new Driver, searching for better performance that will undoubtedly include extra ... See more
You probably know how hard it is to find the short stuff from the tee box. It’s fine margins at impact, so there’s an easy way to improve.
Some golfers will describe other courses as a ‘Pitch and Putt’. I’m not sure how they mean it, but we’d like to suggest that ‘Pitch and Putt’ is actually a great game.
Improving range of motion helps you make not just a better swing, but to recapture lost yards and consistency.
We’d like your thoughts on your short-game. Just five simple questions. Nothing complicated, technical, or personal. But it will help us with some research. Start now.
If your handicap is 15 or above, then review your performance and technique on this shot.
One of the advantages of youth is the ability to ‘separate’ the upper body and the hips.
Many golfers struggle to make good and consistent contact because they’re restricted or use their arms without rotating the upper body. Improve your range of motion. Improve your golf.
This year we want you ready to play better golf.
And the most important thing you can do to improve your golf swing is to improve your range of motion.
There are many variables that impact on the backspin created at impact. Understanding some simple physics helps us
to get to the right combination of launch angle, ball speed, and spin rate to ...
See more

A cup of coffee with Ian Lee

Come on down and join me over a cup of coffee and we can set out your golfing goals for 2018.
I'm going to be your support team in 2018 as you make improvements to your golf game. I'm not ...
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Lift will play a significant part in getting your next flight off the ground. Back spin generates lift for your golf ball,
but how much is too much for you?
Over the next few weeks, we’ll show you how to go further. In fact, we’re betting that for most of our golfers there’s 20 extra yards in their tank.
Over the next 3 or 4 weeks keep a separate scorecard. It only comes into play when you have an approach shot, from the fairway.
The golf swing has a lot of moving parts. Stability, as you rotate, is very important if you’re looking to make solid contact at impact.
Your Hamstrings consist of three muscles that do an awful lot to manage the operation of your lower body.

If it's COLD's WARM In Here!

The best place to improve your game this winter. Why not arrange a lesson in my indoor studio. No matter your level, beginner or avid golfer why not join the many, beginners through to elite ... See more
You can swing on the right swing path BUT if your putter face is open by just 2° at impact, then from 6‘ you miss. On the putting green one thing leads to another.
This is a question that has so many important dimensions.
One much more important than anyone seems to think.
Tiger Woods once blamed a poor round on a failure “to activate the glutes”.

Let me share a Tommy Fleetwood tip..Quiet Eyes!

I have been very fortunate to spend time over the years with Tommy Fleetwood since he was 15. Here is a tip he shared with me which really helped his putting on tour (not always his strength). He ... See more
There’s a set of muscles that, if exercised correctly, will not only improve your golf swing, they’ll help to keep aches and pains away during your regular day.
A best ever score, or a competition win is often accompanied by a great performance on the greens.
Age and lifestyle take their toll. It seems inevitable.
Most people, when asked, want to lose a few kilograms.
They’d like to reverse the impact of ageing.
Three feet downhill across a slope is not the same as three feet straight uphill.

Xmas Lesson Deals at the Ian Lee Golf Academy

With Xmas only 5 weeks away I would like to make sure that your game is in top shape heading into the festive season. I have a number of different Xmas Voucher lessons that I think you will ... See more
If we can get you here, then you’ll hit more fairways, you’ll be able to attack greens with short and mid-Irons
If you’d like to be able to come to the golf course, even if you haven’t played for a while, and know that you’ll still hit Fairways
On the range, practise a slower, wider and more even tempo swing.
Too many golfers set up with their Fairway Wood, unaware of the low point of their swing.
This is a simple, solid, very repeatable golf swing that makes it so much easier to hit better golf shots more consistently.
It’s time to make the game easier. Not just now, but for the rest of your life.
There are three checks you should think about if you want to have a Fairway Wood that offers you the potential of recoveries made, and opportunities taken.
It’s your children to enjoy now, it’s a shared retirement you’ll appreciate later.
Improvements will translate into not just a better score,
but the added pleasure of more shots hit more sweetly.
The consequences to non-mental health through adolescence is catastrophic. Get children - every child you know - into golf.
From a great lie in the Fairway, make sure you’re not going to allow poor contact to leave you maddeningly short.
Play more golf. Make more friends. Take part in more social events.
If you’ve bought the latest technology but you’ve still got a problem with inconsistency, then here’s where the problem might lie.
The best players today want to be able to use technology to their advantage. The Titleist 718 AP3’s offer real technology advantages.
The Titleist 718 AP2 Irons have been designed for better ball strikers, who can see the advantage in having better distance control.
The regular golfer will enjoy the higher and longer ball flight. The scorecard will appreciate the consistency. Introducing the Titleist 718 AP1.
For better ball strikers looking for control over shot shape and trajectory, these are refined, classic Irons.
The Titleist 718 MB Irons are for the purist, better ball strikers, who want to shape shots.
If you’re measuring ‘steps’, get out and play golf more often. You’ll blow your target away.
HOW FAR DO YOU really hit your 5 Iron?
If they’re finding time for the gym, running or cycling before or after work, then they can find time for golf.
The revolution in Iron design is much more than a ‘faster face’.
The latest equipment and / or some coaching takes the right side out of play.
Your new #7 Iron will go as far as your #5 Iron, but it still travels with a #7 Iron trajectory.
Do you know how many steps you take in a round of golf?
A #7 Iron is between 1 and 1½“ shorter than a #5 Iron
Discover how golf is the greatest family pastime there is.
Whatever distance you can hit a #7 Iron, think again.
A lot of people who played the game of golf through their teens and early twenties, stopped playing as their career’s and family commitments placed pressure on their time.
So many less experienced or less capable golfers think they aren’t good enough to be fit. That is so wrong.

The no.1 mistake I see most average golfers make

I would say that for most average to high handicap golfers by far the most common mistake I see is a poor grip, especially in how the handle fits into the left hand. It is the only contact your body ... See more
We need your help. Most of you will know an ex-golfer. Someone who fell out of love with the game.
Do you have a steady rhythm to your swing?
Or do you have an uneven rhythm? That’s why we can’t just match swing speed to flex.
The world’s wild rhino population is in grave danger of becoming extinct within the next 5-10 years. Rhino Revolution is tackling the poaching crisis on three fronts: supporting anti-poaching ... See more
If you’ve got children, or you’re lucky enough to have grand-children, and you haven’t done so already, introduce them to golf.
With a #7 Iron the right shaft can add up to 15 yards of carry distance.
Swinging faster is just one of the factors in hitting a golf ball further.
There’s no question that for a beginner, golf can be an intimidating game, especially 400 yards out from the hole.
The experts believe that this approach to practice keeps the brain much more engaged on the shot that’s about to be played ask Jordan Spieth
A story, published in Golf Digest, told of a 13 handicapper who added 29 yards with his #6 Iron, after a fitting.
Most advice seems to recommend using one of two practice methods, but when I watch golfers practicing, they don’t utilise either unlike Jordan Spieth.
A golfer who had improved shot dispersion by 50%, making approach shots much more consistently accurate, by making his Lie Angle just 1° Flatter.
If you’ve got some time after work, which is going give the most enjoyment?
Hitting an #8 Iron, rather than a #5 Iron into a green is so much easier.

The Ian Lee Beginner Programme

My Beginner Programme is here together with the warmer temperatures. Join us and start your journey to one of the most fulfilling feelings, the feeling of better golf!

- ...
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What percentage of golfers playing in the next Saturday competition will have put in any real practice time?
Have you thought about how nice it feels to hit a good Iron shot? And then to do it again on the next hole?
If you’ve got short-game practice time with a friend or family member, then make it more fun with a Par 18 Challenge.
We have some simple questions about your wedges.
If you can take a few minutes to answer them, then you’ll go into a draw with the chance to win prizes.
We watch so many regular, and even better golfers who live with a poorer score than they need to.
The width of the sole on your wedge, and the grind on the sole, can make it easier or harder to play different short shots.

The importance of improving from 40-yards.

Do you have a club that allows you to land 40-yard pitch shots softly?
Is this a 60° wedge or a wedge that allows you to open the face?

This week we ask you if you can answer these ...
See more
Whatever standard of golfer you are, try and find time to play 9 holes of 40-yard golf regularly.
From your full pitching wedge distance, how many clubs (excluding your putter) are you carrying in your bag?

The hunt for a better short game!

If you’re in the 14 – 36 handicap range, and I gave you a better short game, it could mean up to 5 shots saved per 9 hole round. Possibly more.

An offer of 5 or more shots saved is one ...
See more
While you’re playing a full 18-holes, there is another game or two you should keep track of. One is your average from 50 yards in.
Good technique is important if you want to hit 40-yard pitch shots consistently close to the hole. But so is the state of your equipment.
Too many amateur golfers actually strike the ball with a slightly descending blow.
The next time you’re at the Range practicing your Iron striking I'd like you to work on your pre-shot routine and aim.
Three great reasons your children should learn to play golf. First, they learn it so easily and get to have a lifetime of fun.
Research by MyGolfSpy informs us that over half of all golfers have the wrong perception about their putting stroke.

The Most Talented Golfer?

Here is a video I took of John Daly in 1999 at St Andrews. According to my friend and top teacher, Jim McLean, Tiger Woods said he is the most talented golfer he has ever seen. Would I change this? ... See more
Have you ever noticed how much easier children can pick up new movement skills than adults?
You can have a better relationship with your putter.
Encourage your children to find time to disconnect from the pressure and more connected with friends.
Is your putter your magic wand? Is it set up to allow you to square the face down the target line?

This will help you better!

If you could do just one thing to make you play better and enjoy the game more what would it be? Look at my impact with a driver, is it head behind the ball, weight into my left side with my hips ... See more
One of the richest benefits of golf can be found in what happens with your family down the years.
At the moment of impact, the putter needs to lift the ball out of the small depression it will be in, on the green. Your putter needs to match your stroke.
If you watch the diminutive ladies from the LPGA Tour hitting it a mile, you’ll notice how their downswing follows a specific sequence
When you watch the top Professionals’ Putting, it is really unbelievable to note just how much better they are than a regular golfer.
Some of the ladies on the LPGA Tour and my girl pupil hit the ball consistently past 270 yards, despite being shorter and lighter than many of those we see on the 1st tee struggling to get much ... See more

The big equipment ideas in 2017: Soft compression

For a long while some discredited softer compression golf balls. The story was, “overpower the ball, and it’s going nowhere”.
On the LPGA Tour the ladies, despite a more diminutive size, are hitting it from the tee past the 270 yard mark on occasion. What are they and my girl pupil doing that we can learn from?
Whether it’s metalwoods or irons, the ability to make faces, crowns, walls or hosels thinner and lighter, offers the designer “discretionary weight”.
Have you checked the average driving distances the ladies on the LPGA Tour hit their tee shots? One of my girl pupils averages 270 yards, how does she do it?
As they attempt to regulate the Tour Professionals, those who rule over the game have introduced rules to restrict the maximum spring off the face (CoR) and the maximium clubhead forgiveness (MOI) to ... See more
Make sure you’re lining up
with confidence.
A lot is made each year of groove technology in Wedges. Sharper, more precise grooves offering even more spin and control.
That does rather divert us from the real issue with grooves. They wear.
Are you one of the large majority of golfers who’re unsure about exactly how far they hit each of their clubs?
In a recent, very insightful interview, Tiger Woods said that the game had changed in the last 5 years.
There’s a simple measure we can improve, with game management improvement, that directly impacts your scorecard.
The better manufacturers have now mastered creating cores that have a high energy transfer (for fast ball speed) from a low compression (for great feel).
Titleist testing has revealed the impact of 75 rounds on your grooves. What does it mean to your game?
If you’re interested in your choice of golf ball (and you should be) you’ll have heard a lot about new releases of golf balls having lower compression to create a softer feel. Let’s start with the ... See more
A better statistic for most of us to measure than “greens in regulation” is our mid range approach shot percentages.
The priorities of a Tour Professional and you are bound to be different. Yours are more important to us.
You might not be trying to win a Major, but are you taking advantage of the improvements in golf ball technology?
If you’re a regular golfer with a 15 – 24 handicap, then you could be 10 shots better with a good player’s short game
from 100 yards in
Even if golf is a social adventure with a group of friends, with the final score mattering less than the enjoyment together, there’s a reason to get fitted for the best tee shot result.
You’d be amazed at how often we can deliver improvement without changing your driver.
You all play golf for individual reasons. We probably all enjoy hitting a record score, but for many (research tells us most), what we’re really after is enjoyment out in the big green space.
Here at Ian Lee's Golf Academy we offer you the opportunity to improve your game. From complete beginners through to elite amateurs and golf professionals we personalise the best golf instruction to ... See more
Your golfing dream doesn’t always have to be related to performance. It might be to be able to play with a daughter or son, or grand-father or grand-mother. Possibly you’d like to join in with a ... See more
Last week I reproduced some research into tee shot distances with the driver. It highlighted that we’re certainly playing a different game to the Tour Professionals.
I am going to start a series of articles on key benchmarks in your golf game that you should assess, but I want to start with a really important shoutout.
Using data supplied by Game Golf, the team at Golf Digest produced a very interesting article that showed us the average distances regular golfers hit their driver.
The world changes. Attitudes and expectations change. Retirement is a stage of life that’s changed. No longer does he go off to garden or the golf course to escape. No longer does she deal with all ... See more
In the last weeks I told you that, if you had an average swing speed, an improvement of just 0.04 in smash factor
(ball speed / clubhead speed) would add nearly 11 yards to your tee shot ...
See more

I use only the best and most accurate technology.

I have used most of the best technology to help all level of players. As for launch monitors I have what I consider to be the best. For those who want to know why watch the video.
There are so many ways to play golf. You don’t have to sit back and wait for the format to be dictated. Why not play a 4-man scramble amongst friends. It’s a really social experience and most shots ... See more
For the average swing speed golfer, just improving their smash factor (that’s a measure of how close to the sweet spot they strike the ball) by 0.04 will add nearly 11 yards to their tee shot. Justin ... See more
The three biggest reasons to play golf more often this year are:
Too many golfers have succumbed to the pressures of modern life and disappeared from the game. Let’s help them find the passion again.
A British health company completed extensive research on new year resolution and health and fitness, and found that of the population
This club transformed golf for all golfers, not just the inexperienced. But, although it was originally designed for the less experienced, it’s the better players who’ve taken most advantage of this ... See more
I’m not sure if there’s a more fulfilling activity than golf when people enter retirement. It continues to provide a challenge that offers a sense of reward and accomplishment.
There is a sense that the world is going too fast. Responsibilities and expectations have increased. There’s too much to be done, in too little time.
There is no club that you’ll use more on the golf course. Yet this is the club that golfers most rarely get fitted.
One of the great things about golf is that, while there are fundamentals, there are many ways to get the ball down the fairway, or onto the green.
There are so many reasons that golf is a great activity for children. They’re outside, in a social activity, developing coordination, balance and ball striking skills, and having a lot of fun.
Breaking 90 – Don’t live with this problem. Amongst golfers shooting above 90 and especially 95 the most common fault we see is a combination of the wrong swing path AND the club face open to the ... See more
There are so many aspects of “fitting” that make a difference to the ease with which you can hit better golf shots. Club weight and swing weight are two that are often overlooked by golfers. Both ... See more
Yes, that’s our target. We know that the ball that moves right (or left for left-handers), bedevils so many of our golfers.
There is no doubt that feel matters to all golfers.
It’s true that very good and experienced golfers might be able to detect the smallest changes to swing weight, but that shouldn’t interfere ...
See more
Most golfers struggle with a left-to-right shot shape (left handers are vice versa). If that’s you it’s robbing you of distance; time in the fairway and on the greens; and fulfillment.
In the search for improved ball striking consistency for you, we know we need to match the club weight and swing weight to your swing.
If you’re shooting above 90 or 95, then come and chat to us.
Have an assessment and let’s see how we can get you shooting in the 80’s more often, if not always.
When we’re helping you select a new golf club(s), we’re trying to help you find a club configuration that allows you primarily to reach your highest level of good shot consistency.
How many times are you tricked on unfamiliar greens by which way your ball breaks as it gets to the hole?
When we ask you: ”At which club length does your ball striking skill break down?”, we avoid the number on your iron deliberately.
There’s a point in your bag where your consistency of ball striking and accuracy start to break down or disappear entirely.
We probably accept that Tour caddies are better at reading Putts than most of us. There’s an opinion that they’re masters of some “dark art” of green reading.
When you crouch down behind the ball or stand up and walk around the Putt, what are you really looking at? Do you have a process to read the green? Does your local knowledge suffice?
So why have club lengths got longer (and lofts stronger)? One argument is that the manufacturers know we love to buy extra distance.
Up to what distance are you comfortable with your ball striking skills and where does either or both of your ball striking and accuracy start to break down? How could you extend that distance?
On TV it often looks like the Pros are making everything. You’d probably expect those statistics to be ‘better’. So, of the Putts they missed from 20 feet, what do you think the percentage breakdown ... See more
You want a good roll. That depends on the dynamic loft and angle of attack at impact. So how much loft do you need on your Putter?
In the last weeks I’ve been talking to those golfers who aren’t breaking 95 every time. Often we find that their golf has become too complicated. They’ve reached a level, but they don’t want to push ... See more
Most amateurs have a big loss in ball striking consistency the higher up the bag they go. That makes longer Par 4’s and Par 5’s more difficult than they should be.
Exploiting rotational forces will not only add distance to your shots, it’ll help your ball striking consistency.
The impact of a correct shaft length for your correct setup is under-estimated. Try swinging on plane when you’re either too hunched or too upright.
Here’s a drill that makes it impossible for you to manipulate the club. The club will lead the swing.
Often to improve your ball striking we need to simplify the golf swing.
Your angle of attack on the ball will significantly influence the loft required to create the best launch angle.
Possibly we should measure the success of golf in the Olympics by how many people, especially youngsters, it inspired to try the game of golf.
The right clubhead design with the best compromise of forgiveness and control and hitting zone placement.
Ball speed is the biggest factor in how much carry you achieve and is created by clubhead speed and quality of impact. Technique and physical conditioning both have a role to play in how much ball ... See more
We need to match ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate to get the maximum carry and roll.
Your distance potential is determined to large extent by your clubhead speed and we want to make sure you’re not losing out. We can do this using a combination of appropriate technique adjustments ... See more
Although each of these Drivers has the same head size and the same loft (and the same shaft flex), each Driver, when placed on the robot tester, will launch the ball with different launch angles and ... See more
Hitting long shots requires a high energy transfer from golfer to club to ball, and Smash Factor is a measure of this energy transfer.
I know the experts worry about the Professionals overpowering golf courses, but most of us are in no danger of doing that. While most golfers are landing tee shots out in the 220-yard mark, the top ... See more
Why do Tour Putters put better than you?

I have already mentioned the importance of centre strike and without question all really good putters strike the ball solid every time and "roll" ...
See more
I get lots of golfers coming to me with concerns about losing distance in their game despite no obvious swing mechanic and/or equipment changes. When it comes to this common problem, I like to take ... See more
All over the web now we see adverts promising you a ‘secret move’ (if you give them your e-mail address) that will add 15 yards to your tee shots.
Your muscles will struggle to contract with enough force to stabilize and power-up your swing if they’re tight, rigid and unengaged. That’s why maintaining normal length in the muscles of your upper ... See more
High MOI Putters resist twisting. That’s especially important when you strike the ball towards the heel or toe. And most golfers, as soon as a putt is longer than 20 feet are inclined to become quite ... See more
This is a popular and effective way of preparing the body for efficient movement and getting into the habit of doing it regularly can improve your range of motion and help you generate more power and ... See more
Because he hits the sweet spot everytime! Improve your ability to consistently find the sweet spot on your Putter or use a high MOI Putter to improve both your control of distance and accuracy. ... See more
We’d like to see how much distance we can add to your game by helping you improve your flexibility using a set of exercises over a one-month period and assessing your swing before and after.
If you’re more of a regular golfer than a touring Professional then a high MOI Putter will improve both your control of distance and accuracy. So will making sure your Putter is fit to allow you to ... See more

Playing to the rules

17 Golf rules you definitely need to know when playing in a tournament. A neat article in Golf Digest.
The rotational capacity of your hips, back and shoulders affects how much torque you can produce during your golf swing, which in turn affects your power and distance.
Too many golfers treat the Putter like it’s a magic wand. They magically found one that ‘fit’ them. Sometimes, by magic, it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
There is a lot of confusing information written about the bunker shot, yet with the correct technique, this is an easy shot to play well. If you’re at all unsure of how to play this shot (beyond the ... See more
These two Wedges have the same bounce angle, but the one on the right raises the leading edge more, and offers more bounce, because the sole width extends the lower sole position.
One of the tips when practicing bunker play is to draw a line in the sand about a cm behind the ball and to practice entering the sand there. For many, that tip creates a vision of the leading edge ... See more
When we look in most golfers‘ bags, they’re carrying just 2 clubs to cover the short-game scoring zone while they’re carrying 7 clubs to cover the next 100 yards.
Bunker play is a great example of the danger of written instruction. Golfers have read a few guide points: Open the face, dig in the sand, aim behind the ball etc.; and then tried to apply those. ... See more
In any round, most golfers will find themselves with a Wedge in their hand and less than 30 yards to the green on 9 – 12 of the 18 holes.
If you and a few friends want to find an alternative to a gym session, or need an excuse to spend an hour at the golf facility, then ‘Par 18’ is great fun and a great way to practice.
Is your approach to a Par 3: ‘I was set this challenge, I’ll take it on no matter what”?
In this game, accuracy is everything. That's why Ian uses the GC2 + HMT- the most accurate technology available for capturing and reproducing true ball flight and club data. From the outdoor range to ... See more
Really? Two golfers are 150 yards from the green. One is a very low handicap golfer with great ball striking skills. The other is an inexperienced golfer who struggles with ball striking.
There should be a sequence of how you prepare your plan for how to attack a Par 3.
Many golfers think that as long as they know what shaft flex they require, then they can always find a club that fits them. Not so, I’m afraid. Some use online fitting tools matching swing speed to ... See more
Have you tracked where you’re missing the green on Par 3’s?
We’re offering 4 prize winners each a full ‘equipment assessment’ for free. All you have to do to stand a chance of winning is answer 4 simple questions.

Think like a Pro, how far do you hit the ball....honestly?

Even today I always want to know how far I hit the ball. Playing a few holes earlier, I hit a good 4 iron to the hole from 189 yards out. I hit the ball 2 yards short of the flag having rolled 9 ... See more
Tee it up on a Par 3. But how high? Set yourself up to succeed on Par 3’s.
The multitude of club performance technology on the market nowadays gives you a lot more options to improve your game, but you can only really benefit from this technology if it is set up to your ... See more

Inside the minds of the game's top players

This is well worth watching to see how some of the best players see shots. The ...
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In the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship for Junior golfers, the participants will hit 3 chip shots to test their skill with the Wedge. This is actually a great competition to play amongst friends on a ... See more
Here’s a good golfer who gained 20 yards on distance from the tee with his fitting, but actually the big win was an increase of 30 yards of carry.
Have you considered measuring your tee-shot performance and tracking your improvement? Give this test a try.
This high handicap golfer added nearly 40 yards to his tee shots with a fitted driver. Can you do the same?
There are a lot of golfers out there reading every magazine and online article or watching every advert or TV show to find extra distance. But these are full of ‘generalisations’ that might or might ... See more
There are so many ways to have fun hitting a golf ball. You can create your own variation on the Drive, Chip & Putting Championship scoring format to improve those skills that will deliver more fun ... See more
Many of the better players get away with the wrong plane on their downswing most of the time because they’re able to make adjustments with their hands.
Both these golfers see golf as a social pastime. It’s an opportunity to have an enjoyable outdoor hobby that they can enjoy with friends. They like to hit good shots but know they won’t have the time ... See more
If you’re shooting in the lower 90’s with some good scores lower in the 80’s, but you’re inclined to lose the ball right (left for left handers) because of your first move on the downswing, then ... See more
If you’re a mid, or even higher, handicap golfer and you’re keen to lower that handicap, then the quickest route to that result is to sharpen up your short-game around the green.
Phil is long off the tee and he’s a good ball striker. But despite all the opportunities created, he struggles getting shots in the 60 – 90 yard distance close. If he plays a half-swing Wedge, the ... See more
Have you noticed how much trouble is short and right of so many greens? How can an assessment help?

Swinging on plane might be easier than you think

It might be easier than you think to improve your consistency. Without the proper posture, creating the correct plane for YOUR body will prove challenging

Watch how to hit a high lob/flop shot

Here is a specialist shot which I teach to the more advanced golfer. With the introduction of different lofted wedges it is so much easier to play higher or lower shots simply by changing the club. ... See more
It’s really worth learning about how a golf swing that’s “on plane” can add enjoyment to your round.

Do you recognize yourself; can we help?

Sally's tee shots are a bumble down the fairway. they don't have much height, and most of the distance she gets is the run she gets on the ball. How could an assessment help her?

Add simple options to your pitching

Once you have mastered the basic pitch (look at my last post) you can now add more options. Quite simply to hit the ball lower play it back in your stance towards your right foot, higher play it ... See more

Recover a golfer: give someone the gift of an assessment

If someone you know quit the game because it was too much of a struggle, let us help you recover that golfer by showing them the quickest journey to better golf.
An Assessment and Fitting isn’t the end in itself. It’s a very, very sensible approach to buying a tool that needs to do a job.

Learn this and play better.

Take away and setup of basic pitch shot
The more I see all levels of golfers play, probably the best way to lower your scores is to learn a good basic pitching action. Most golfers who shoot over 80 miss more greens than they hit from 80 ... See more

Like Drivers, there’s more than loft to Hybrids

Your Hybrids need to be more than just easy to hit. They should offer a consistent distance gapping from your longest Iron up to your Fairway Woods.
Some golfers gave up the game because they couldn’t reach a standard that allowed them to enjoy the game. They see the route back to the game as being hours on the lesson tee and hours thereafter ... See more
The Fairway Wood shot from the close-cut fairway is one of the hardest shots there is to play for most golfers. Many struggle to get this shot airborne on a good trajectory.

Recover a golfer: Make it fun

Golf, especially for someone who hasn’t played in a while, can offer a lot of punishment and heart-break. But we can change that.
So many golfers come to us with a request for a particular new Driver model and tell us what loft they need. A new model will create new launch conditions.
Research indicates that over 40% of those who no longer play would actually like to play again. What can you and I do to recover those golfers?

The biggest obstacle to getting better is the golf ball.

Jim McLean in his new Superstation
The biggest obstacle to getting better is the golf ball. Most people react to the ball the wrong way. If it goes right they swing to the left, if it goes left they swing to the right. This happens ... See more

I have used this image for years

Over 60 years ago the most popular golf instruction books was written Five Lessons by Ben Hogan who was and still is acknowledged as the best ball striker ever. One of the best images that gives you ... See more

Break 85: Don't ignore the fundamentals

How does a 140lb lady golfer hit the ball so far, so accurately, and so consistently?

Is gripping it the real problem?

Tension is a killer in the golf swing. It easily robs you of distance. More importantly, once it inhibits your large muscles, then accuracy and consistency disappear.
Just as important as an upper body turn is on the backswing, so you need to be
able to extend through the impact zone and follow through.

Stripe Your Fairway Woods!

Watching golf over the last week, I was struck by how consistent and confident the Professionals seem to be with their Fairway Woods. Of course, they’re not trying to hit the ball too hard, ... See more
Many golfers have never had any short game coaching. Even fewer have had a Putting lesson. And it shows in the performances from 40 yards in. It’s almost as if we expect to get to a level of skill ... See more

Does temperature affect your golf ball?

I am often asked how the temperature impacts on the golf ball? As a Titleist Partner I picked up this piece of knowledge from their research department.

"When a golf ball flies through ...
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I, like Butch Harmon believe in using the very best Technology. GC2 is used by many of the world's best golfers, coaches and golf equipment companies. It is also chosen and utilised by Sky Sports ... See more

You don't have to be Perfect

Rickie Fowler is one of the best young players in the world. He has quite an individual style, especially his backswing and even though he has worked hard to improve this it still considered by many ... See more
What you can learn from one of the best short games in golf, Luke Donald

Weight left side
Middle of the body over the ball
Eyes parallel to the ball to target line
Good posture ...
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Perfect your Set Up

There is no better time to work on your set up than during the winter. Try to spend a few minutes each week getting into a really good set up position.

I'm a big believer in that your ...
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Steve MacGregor talks about Rory's training programme.

Rory on Working Out

This is a great video for any young aspiring golfer to watch. I show this to all my young players.

“I’ve come across enough successful people now to know that the best in whatever walk of ...
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It’s more than CoG when we’re looking at trajectory

When we're looking at your golf swing and analysing your ball flight, despite all the advertising around 'deeper and lower' Centre of Gravity (CoG) locations, we're examining all of the impacts on ... See more
One of the advantages of youth is the ability to ‘separate’ the upper body and the hips.
One of the advantages of youth is the ability to ‘separate’ the upper body and the hips.
You need to approach every hole aware of the risks, and the ability to know enough about your own game to appreciate where there’s a potential reward and where there isn’t.
When we get together with you, our job isn’t to ‘fit you for new Irons’; it’s to help you enjoy the thrill of hitting better golf shots. There are many routes to that end. We’ll assess your swing in ... See more

How is your upper body rotation?

Here's another exercise that is designed to improve your range of motion and your ability to make a good shoulder turn.
Stay in touch with what is happening at the Haigh Hall Golf Complex and Ian Lee Golf Academy. Follow the link below:

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We offer various junior coaching programmes where your junior can learn the game in a fun environment. From complete beginners wanting to take their first steps into golf through to aspiring elite ... See more
We offer great facilities for all levels of golfers. 18 hole Golf course, Par 3, Range, 90 yd Short Game area (co-designed by Ian Lee), Putting Greens, Ian Lee Golf Academy and Indoor Golf Studio ... See more
You’ll find that the game you have, to shoot under 85 consistently, will bring you so much joy. It’s not about your handicap, it’s about having the quality to get around a golf course with some ... See more
Most everyone understands what the lie angle on their Irons is. And most understand the impact of a Lie Angle that is too upright or too flat on their accuracy.
If you can use the next 3 months to improve your range of motion, then when you get to next make that golf swing, an improved range of motion will help you make a better swing.
The ability to separate the hips from the shoulders is important for an effective turn during the golf swing.
The hip flexor muscles must be flexible and strong if you want a stable, powerful golf swing. When they’re weak, compensation occurs, causing a number of swing limitations and injury.
Comerford’s Hip Complex is an exercise developed specifically to strengthen the hip rotators and improve stability, both vital to a powerful swing.

Putter alignment and stability

If the Putter is designed to fit your stroke then you will find it easier to make sure that the Putter head is square to your target line at impact.
Speed rules. Just a single mph of extra club head speed will translate to 4 extra yards. How hard can it be to find an extra mile per hour?
Adjustable Drivers offer you the chance to adjust your Fitting on the go? Sorry, that's only part of the story.

Finding the right shaft isn't simple

It's almost impossible to drag a club off the shelf and for it to be the perfect fit. If the combination of lie angles and shaft lengths wasn't enou