Shafts and myths

Worry about the profile of the shaft

We’ve heard it said that only the best golfers should worry about the profile of the shaft.
Wrong. Busted. This is easily as important as shaft flex for everyone.
Indeed it’s especially important for the less experienced.

Many of the less experienced “cast” on
the downswing; extending and releasing early. 
These golfers will find it easier to make square,
solid contact, if their shaft has a soft tip.
That is, it flexes more at the end of the clubhead,
rather than the butt-end.

A golfer who releases late, will put a
lot of load on the shaft.
To ensure maximum distance and a tighter dispersion,
this golfer needs a shaft with a stiff tip.
Remember the shaft “controls and manages” the
transfer of energy through the clubhead.  

“If you’re losing distance as you get each year older, then it’s really
worth while looking at options to create faster clubhead speed
and a better energy transfer.”

How do you load the shaft?

How does the rhythm and tempo of your swing impact on the shaft? Have you ever invested some time in checking what you need in a shaft?

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