Line it up.
What a feeling.

Dropping putts is a great feeling, especially when your playing partner wasn’t expecting it. But what if you were expecting it, time after time?

“Manufacturers and designers know that when it comes to alignment, your eyes can’t be trusted. That’s why so much effort goes into alignment aids. They want to help you set up accurately and then to make contact perfectly square to your target line.”

Head balance is another feature of putter design that helps you square the face at impact. It needs to fit your “arc”. Combine alignment aids and a putter head that matches your stroke, and you’re going to experience more joy.

Experience elation more often

Aim, setup, putt, roll, drop. There are ways to make that easier. What if we could help you nail more putts? If that matters to you, then when we next see you, let's talk about this or