Coaching and Lessons

Here at Ian Lee's Golf Academy we offer you the opportunity to improve your game. From complete beginners through to elite amateurs and golf professionals we personalise the best golf
instruction to achieve your own goals in golf.

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The World's Best Technology

In this game, accuracy is everything. That's why Ian uses the GC2 + HMT- the most accurate technology available for capturing and reproducing true ball flight and club data. From the outdoor range to the indoor simulator, the world’s best drive their game forward with the GC2.

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Ian's Promise

Wether it is a 1:1 or 2:1, the learning experience with Ian through private lessons are a sure way to improve your game.  Hosted at Haigh Hall, Ian offers lessons a wide variety of times up to 6 days a week.

Want to improve your total game or focus on a key area of your game. Fix a problem, slice, hook or poor contact. Increase your distance. On course play and learn to score lower. Maybe add lesson gift vouchers for lessons as we are approaching Christmas.

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Using only the best, industry leading technology for your game